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About Pro-Tec Refrigeration, Inc.

Pro-Tec Refrigeration, Inc. was established in 1985 in Gle-ndale, Arizona, to provide commercial/industrial refrigeration service and installation to the greater Phoenix area.  Through the years we have expanded our services in Arizona to include: commecial - industrial - residential heating/ventilation/air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, controls/automation, general contracting/engineering/drafting, and kitchen equipment.  We are a “Full Mechanical Contractor”. 

Pro-Tec's founder Greg Prodan with one of his early vans.

Pro-Tec at 23 years old.

We perform our services in supermarkets, retail stores, comm-ercial bakeries, schools, hospitals, military bases, nuclear facil-ities, restaurants, sporting venues and training camps, dairies, office complexes, apartment buildings, warehouses, and homes.  We also are licensed for commercial/industrial refrigeration and HVAC in multiple other states where we have completed construction of several projects in recent years.

Over the years we have evolved from working out of a house in Glendale to a single commercial building in Phoenix to our current headquarters that includes five buildings on one and a half acres in Phoenix, Arizona.


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