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Pro-Tec Refrigeration Inc.
"A Full Service Mechanical, Repair, And Installation Company"

Including but not limited to:
- Refrigeration
- Electrical
- Energy Management Controls
- Plumbing


Pro-Tec Refrigeration Inc.'s corporate headquarters is located at:
3640 N. 39th Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85019

Call for a pre-winter Heat Pump check up today! 602-222-9881 or email the HVAC Division at:

Save MONEY on electricity and repairs!

Company News

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Pro-Tec Refrigeration, Inc. is now serving Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas!

Pro-Tec Refrigeration serves Commercial and Residential customers alike. We have technicians for every type of customer and every type of equipment.

Pro-Tec Refrigeration, Inc. is a full service mechanical company, servicing and installing; refrigeration equipment, HVAC equipment, plumbing equipment, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, and building/equipment control systems.

No job is too big or too small for our team of proffesionals!
We are always hard at work for you!
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It's Almost Winter!

Get your heat pump/furnace checked by the proffesionals! Save MONEY!

A simple check up can help you avoid costly repair bills this winter and help save energy.

Changing air filters once a month allows systems to breath with less air restriction saving your equipment from extra strain.

If you suspect your A/C, Heating or refrigeration system is not cooling properly, have it checked by a professional ASAP. A unit that is having operational problems can cause extremely high energy bills.

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